5 Reasons Why Vegan Leathers are Preferred These Days


If you are a vegan, then you may find it hard to live with limited food options, but there are many vegans, who prefer such lifestyle. Clothing can be a big factor, particularly when it will come to fashion items e.g. leather and fur.

Though most of the vegans do not like the idea of using anything made from an animal, you have to admit that leather may look really good.

So, I have good news and that is vegan leather also exists. So, is exactly vegan leather? Let me explain it here in the following paragraphs.

What is a vegan leather?

Like animal leather, vegan leather is also another material which has similar aesthetics, without really using any of the animal products.

As we know that normal leather is generally made from tanned hides of an animal, while vegan leathers generally use synthetic and other natural material in order to emulate almost the similar appearance of animal leather.

However, without killing or making any animal suffer pain or death!

In the year 1963, DuPont revolutionized our fashion industry with his idea of creating another natural alternative for animal leather.

vegan backpack

These days, a lot of research is being carried out on this material, and its properties have supported to create different forms of synthetic leather.

Such kind of synthetics or what we call as ‘vegan’, leather can often surpass its animal counterparts in areas like weatherproofing, breathability, uniformity as well as weight.

Following are few reasons why vegan backpack is preferred by people.

  1. 1. Animal-friendly

In order to preserve nature, vegan leather is certainly a very important step, as it can help sustainability. It is certainly very important for all of us to prioritize welfare of all kind of living creatures in this planet.

The use of vegan leather can be an excellent means to start reducing the impact.

  1. 2. Environmental impact

To make authentic leather, extensive treatment is required with all kinds of harmful chemicals, which can harm the environment as well as reduce leather’s biodegradability.

Vegan leather can combine textiles and polyurethane for creating more authentic leather that can be less damaging to our planet.

  1. 3. Durability

You will find vegan leather extremely durable because it is stain-resistant, water-resistant and can also be exposed to elements.

Against various weather conditions, vegan leather products can easily hold up and over a period of time will suffer minimal amount of wear and tear.

  1. 4. Aesthetics

Various research into vegan leather will allow us total control of the feel and look of the product. Right from variations in the texture to changes in composition, vegan leather can provide us with a wider aesthetic scope.

  1.  5. Cost-effectiveness

Due to various cost incurred in the treatment and preparations of authentic leather, you have to pay a higher price.

By factoring-in all kind of costs, from cattle rearing to the stages of final manufacturing, it will be evident that vegan leather can be easier to produce, and hence comparatively it will be a cost-effective choice.

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