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How Summer Programs Can Help Your Student Grow

As your student gets ready to attend college, there are likely many different things you are doing to help make sure they are ready. Beyond the actual college decision process, including touring colleges, applying to scholarships, and figuring out the logistics of which degree program your student will pursue, you have probably made endless trips […]

5 Benefits Of Early Education

We have a habit of saying that people never stop learning and that is what keeps their minds sharp even in their mature years. Have we considered when people should start learning and how can that contribute to their later success in the education process and life in general? Researchers have shown that early childhood education can lead […]

Unpaid Internships: Pros and Cons

What are Internships? Internships are short term work experiences that allow a student to gain industry experience relevant to their current education. Internships are considered to be a very important part of a student’s career. They are the bridge between the protective walls of the school and big bad world outside, as they give the student […]

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