Want to Drive in Australia – Know About the Important Things


There are a lot of interesting places in Australia, which are accessible by car. You will not only explore beautiful places by car, but also travel to your workplace or educational institution as well. So, owning a car and driving yourself is one of the most important choices to consider in Australia.

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Here is some important information that helps you to know about the rules you should follow when travelling across Australia.

Driving license

While driving in Australia, you must carry your driving license. International travelers should have:

  • Valid driving license or International driving permission
  • Car insurance

In case, you don’t have a driving license, you can apply for it even in Australia. All you have to do is learn professional driving lessons Balaclava, apply for the license in your state or territory and take the test.

Driving a car in Australia

For international travelers, driving a car in Australia seems to be a little tricky. Before driving, you must be familiar with the basic rules. There are many unique rules as well as recommendations to drive in Australia. The following are few of them that help you avoid accidents and penalties.

  • Drive on left-side of the road.
  • Maintain speed limit (generally 50 to 60km/hr).
  • Don’t throw anything outside.
  • Wear seatbelt.
  • Avoid using phone while driving.
  • Don’t take U-turn or left turn, unless there is an indication
  • Move slowly on two or more lane roads and stay only on left side as right side will be used to pass.
  • Avoid driving, when you are drunk.

Buy or rent a car

Typically, purchasing and maintaining car is expensive in Australia and you should look at registration, insurance and other factors. In case, you want to stay for a long time buying the vehicle would be an ideal option. If you are willing to stay for few weeks to months, you can rent the car to travel across Australia.

Driving in outback

Many rental agencies will not permit their vehicles on gravel roads in outback. In case, you buy or rent a vehicle from particular companies, you can enjoy outing in remote areas of Australia. To explore the region, fuel up before entering into deserts, take a lot of water as temperature will be over 45 degrees and carry satellite phone because cell phones will work only in rural and urban areas.

Driving in Melbourne

In case, you want to visit cities like Melbourne, you have to know about crisscross tram tracks. Sometimes drivers are permitted on the lines. In case you are not permitted on these dotted yellow color line you can make use of solid yellow color line, which is beside it.

There are many driving institutes in Australia that will help you get aware of basic driving rules in Australia. Choose the best one and contact today to explore attractive places in Australia.

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