Send Your Customers Home with Reusable Wine Bags and Boost Your Business


The liquor industry is one of the industries that use a large number of paper bags every day. Do you know that around 14 million trees are cut every year in the US to manufacture paper bags? The problem isn’t only about cutting down trees. Trees are renewable resources but deforestation has the power to destroy the entire eco-system.

Eco-friendly wine bags:

Lately there is more understanding about the harmful environmental impact of using plastic and paper bags. Wineries have started turning to a renewable and reusable alternative. They prefer buying reusable totes in bulk and offering it to customers to carry their products. Apart from being environment-friendly, these bags help your business in many ways.

Why is worth investing in reusable wine bags?

They are easily customizable. You can include your brand name in it and double it up as a marketing tool. The initial investment would work beneficial to your business in the long run. If you are looking for wholesale suppliers of reusable wine bags, visit ‘’. They are the top pick among US business owners for custom made reusable bags.

Choose from their extension collection of bags available in attractive colors. Their bags are of high quality, your business is bound to leave a good impression on your customers and they would end up happy which is a win-win to you.

Every business has a marketing strategy. Trying something different would help you stand out from your competitors and establish your place in the winery business. The initial investment is worth the money. It is in fact an inexpensive marketing initiative if you purchase it from the right seller.

In what ways do wine tote bags benefit your business?

  • Customer appreciation: Who aren’t happy about receiving gifts? The functional gifts stand out more. They have reasons to reuse it for other purposes too. If you are planning to offer a discount for those who come back for the next purchase with your wine bags, they are more likely to keep visiting your store often.
  • Brand promotion: Apart from using it to carry your wine bottles, they would take it to their friend’s place or picnic. People who encounter them would be seeing your brand name. It could even be a conversation starter and they may start talking about each other’s favorite wine. Your customers are now your brand ambassadors.
  • Better than paper bags: Reusable bags are better than paper bags in all aspects. They are sturdy, can be reused a number of times, easier to carry around, classy, attractive and more functional.
  • You come across as a ‘greener business’: Due to the alarming ill-effects of plastics including damages to marine system and air quality, more and more people are shunning plastic products. By using reusable bags to pack your products, your business leaves behind a good impression.

Isn’t it high time we save our planet? By using usable wine bags, you are also encouraging other to go environment-friendly. Ultimately, your business grows and you are doing your part in making our planet a healthier place.

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